Prioritising the roadmap

The OneCX Program is dedicated to simplifying the way customers engage with the NSW Government.  

The roadmap prioritisation process for the OneCX Program takes into consideration 4 key areas:  

  • impact on communities and businesses,  
  • aligning with the NSW government's priorities,  
  • meeting agency needs,  
  • and considering website complexity alongside team capacity.

Communities and Businesses

Our primary focus remains on improving digital information and access to services for the people and businesses of New South Wales. We recognise the importance of digital services in their daily lives and their interactions with government platforms. Therefore, our roadmap prioritisation is focused on improving their experiences and making services more accessible and user-friendly. This means addressing the needs and expectations of these groups to ensure a positive and seamless experience.

Government Priorities

To achieve this, we closely align with the NSW Government's priorities of inclusive digital experiences, embracing responsible Artificial Intelligence practices, enhancing data-driven decision-making and commitment to cybersecurity safeguards.  

By ensuring our roadmap reflects these priorities, we stay in sync with the broader goals of the government's digital initiatives.

Agency needs

We're also making sure to meet the specific needs of government agencies. We aim to provide tools and solutions that help them serve the public better.

Website Complexity and Resources

We also consider the different complexities of websites. This includes consideration of the size of the website, audience, change readiness and functionality.  

In addition, in our planning, we consider our team's capacity to ensure we can achieve what we set out to do within specific timeframes.  

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