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We have launched our OneCX program platform capabilities and continue to build our website technology stack.

The NSW Government website launched in April 2020 on the Drupal content management system platform.

Drupal was selected for the MVP as a leading open-source content management platform that has seen successful implementation with Service NSW, the Victorian Government’s Single Digital Presence (SDP) and govCMS.

Building the technology stack

The team has started a technology stack review with agencies to understand the current technological ecosystem.

Insights and requirements collected from the surveys and workshops will inform the recommendations we make for a platform architecture that caters to the content and integrations of the websites to be consolidated.

Our approach

If an open source option meets requirements, we will support adopting it.

Open source allows us to take a flexible approach to our technology, without being locked into a single vendor ecosystem.

We can draw from expertise across a broad community, and our in-house developers can focus on producing new solutions and give back to the open source community.

Throughout the content strategy development process, the team has collected insights from similar projects run by other agencies and jurisdictions. We will do the same with our technology.

By hearing of the experience and lessons learnt by others, we can share ideas, solve problems, reduce risk and avoid pitfalls.

After we identify a technical component that is required by multiple websites in order to consolidate, we will review whether any agencies have a mature solution that could be repurposed for the whole of government website.

Repurposed solutions could include:

  • existing contracts with vendors
  • product licences
  • other digital teams that could broaden their remit to support the whole of government website.

We don’t adopt technology for technology’s sake.

The technology that we use must serve our program objectives, and the NSW Government’s priority to put the customer at the centre.

The customer’s needs drive our continuous improvement to make the experience better for them.

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