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Heavy vehicle registration costs

Find out the cost of registering heavy vehicles. If you have a converter dolly or spare trailer you could be eligible for a concession.

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Heavy vehicle registration charges



Vehicle type (code) 2 axle 3 axle 4 or more axles
Truck type 1 (RT0) $617 $968 $983
Truck type 2 (RT0) $993 $1,162 $1,183
Short combination truck (RT1) $1,023 $1,199 $2,084
Medium combination truck (RT2) $9,777 $9,777 $10,560
Long combination truck (RT3) $13,516 $13,516 $13,516
Short combination prime mover (PM1) $1,142 $4,615 $4,930
Multi-combination prime mover (PM2) $11,594 $11,594 $12,753



Vehicle type (code) 2 axle 3 or more axles
Bus type 1 (BUS) $521 N/A
Bus type 2 (BUS) $651 $2,731
Articulated bus (BUS) N/A $648

Special purpose vehicles


Vehicle type (code) 1 or more axles
Special purpose vehicle type P (SPP) No charge
Special purpose vehicle type T (SPT) $510
Special purpose vehicle type O (SP2) An amount in dollars calculated using the formula
[$586 + ($384 x number of axles over 2)]
Example: 4 axles = $586 + ($384 x 2) = $1,354


Registration fees, inspection fees and stamp duty may also be payable. Fees may also be paid quarterly or half-yearly.

Trailers with 5 or more axles are subject to higher registration charges than outlined in the above table.

For further information on registration fees for particular heavy vehicles, call 13 22 13.


Trailer type (code) 1 axle 2 axle 3 axles 4 or more axles
Pig trailer (PTR) $682 $1,310 $1,935 $2,564
Dog trailer (DTR) $682 $1,310 $1,935 $2,564
Semi trailer
B-double tail trailer
B-triple tail trailer
$682 $1,650 $1,755 $1,756
B-double lead trailer
B-triple lead trailerB-triple middle trailer (LTR)
$682 $1,650 $1,755 $1,756
Converter dolly or low loader dolly (YTR) $55 $56 $54 $56


Fees are paid quarterly or half yearly and there is a surcharge to process heavy vehicle registrations.

The surcharge is 10% of the NHVR regulatory charge and the NTC road user charge.


Authorised Inspection Scheme Fees notice 18 (PDF, 141.65 KB)

for a list of heavy vehicle inspection fees.

Nominated configurations

Registration charges for heavy vehicles and trailers are calculated according to the vehicle's type, GVM/GTM, the number of axles, and vehicle's nominated configuration.

You must nominate the highest configuration at which you intend to operate the vehicle. It is an offence to operate at a higher configuration than you've nominated.

See nominated configuration codes for descriptions.

Concessions, exemptions and rebates

Eligible freight operators can apply for a concession for converter dollies, spare trailers and stamp duty.

To apply, email the appropriate application form listed below to or post it to:

Government Rebates and Refunds
Transport for NSW
Locked Bag 14
Dubbo, NSW 2830

Converter dolly rebate

The converter dolly rebate applies to tri-axle and tandem axle converter dollies.

There are no restrictions on the number of dollies a person or company owns, the kinds of operations or the registration term, as long as the dolly fits one of these definitions:

  • Tandem-axle converter dolly – a trailer with 2 axles and a fifth wheel coupling designed to convert a semi-trailer into a dog trailer.
  • Tri-axle converter dolly – a trailer with 3 axles and a fifth wheel coupling designed to convert a semi-trailer into a dog trailer.

The rebate is:

  • 50% of the registration cost for tandem-axle owners
  • 100% of the registration cost for tri-axle owners.

To apply, post or email us a completed

Application - Converter dolly rebate (PDF, 254.5 KB)

to the address on the form.

If your application is successful a rebate cheque will be posted to you.

Spare trailer rebate

The spare trailer rebate applies to operators with 1 or 2 hauling units (prime movers and rigid trucks), and no more than 5 trailers. The annual registration term is only for trailers. Hauling units can be registered for any term.

This rebate does not apply to hauling units (prime movers and rigid trucks) or converter dollies.

The rebate is 50% of the registration charge for each spare trailer, in excess of the number of hauling units, up to a maximum of three or four spare trailers respectively.

Where there are eligible trailers which have differing registration charges, the rebate is equivalent to 50% of the amount of the lowest registration charge.

To apply, post or email us a completed

Spare trailer rebate form (PDF, 256.42 KB)

to the address on the form.

Stamp duty exemption for heavy trailers

If you are registering a heavy trailer for the first time in NSW you don't need to pay stamp duty.

The exemption includes new establishments of registration and transfers from another jurisdiction.

Heavy trailers are defined as:

  • having a GVM of more than 4.5 tonnes
  • being built to be towed by a motor vehicle, but not including a motor vehicle that is being towed.

National heavy vehicle number plates

If you wish to change to national heavy vehicle number plates you must attend a service centre in person to hand in your current number plates. Find out the cost of national heavy vehicle number plates.

If you 're moving away from NSW, national heavy vehicle number plates can remain on the vehicle when the same registered operator applies to register that vehicle in another jurisdiction.

If you apply for registration in a non-participating jurisdiction (Northern Territory or Western Australia), you need to surrender your national heavy vehicle number plates. You'll be issued with state based number plates.

You're responsible for updating your toll-tag details with your provider if you change your number plates.

Request custom or personalised plates from myPlates.

How registration costs are calculated

Registration fees for heavy vehicles are calculated using the vehicle's type, the number of axles, Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and the vehicle's nominated configuration.

All charges are effective from 1 July 2019. Inspection fees and stamp duty may also apply.

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