Vehicle registration fees, concessions and forms

Information about registration costs, stamp duty, inspection fees, and fee concessions.

Vehicle registration costs

Find out the cost of registration, including transfers, cancellations and renewals.

Heavy vehicle registration costs

Find out the cost of registering heavy vehicles. If you have a converter dolly or spare trailer you could be eligible for a concession.

Stamp duty when buying a vehicle

Buying a new or used vehicle? Calculate how much stamp duty you'll pay. Exemptions apply to eligible pensioners and some vehicle types.

Registration forms

All the forms you need for vehicle registration, written-off vehicles, to transfer, exchange or cancel number plates or apply for a registration concession.

Lower taxed vehicles

Vehicles with low emissions or wheelchair modifications can get a concession on motor vehicle tax. Commonwealth carers are eligible for a vehicle tax refund.

Safety check and inspection fees

Find out the cost of a vehicle safety check (pink slip), safety and identity check (blue slip) or VIIU for written-off or high risk vehicles.

Primary producer concessions

Refunds or waivers after a natural disaster Pensioner concessions

Fee refunds or waivers after a natural disaster

If you've been affected by a NSW natural disaster or emergency you might be eligible for vehicle registration or licensing fee refunds or waivers.

Pensioner concessions

If you're an eligible pensioner, you may be exempt from some registration costs. Find out if you're eligible and how it works.

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