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Find out the cost of registration, including transfers, cancellations and renewals.

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Fees and taxes

Cars, station wagons and trucks

The cost of registration typically includes a registration fee, number plate fee, vehicle tax and an inspection fee. Vehicle tax is calculated based on the tare (unladen) weight of the vehicle.

Vehicles used for business purposes attract a higher vehicle tax than those for private use.

Registration feeAmount
All vehicles$75 annually

The following vehicle tax examples are indicative only. To find out your vehicle's registration costs use the registration calculator or call us on 13 22 13.

Vehicle tax

Additional vehicle tax applies to business cars over 3,565kg.

Tare weight (kg)Private use feeBusiness use fee
Up to 975$255$411
976 to 1154$295$467
1155 to 1504$359$564
1505 to 2504$546$847
2505 to 2794$788$1,313
2795 to 3054$895$1,492
3055 to 3304$980$1,634
3305 to 3564$1,067$1,778
3565 to 3814$1,145$1,908+$314
3815 to 4064$1,231$2,051+$314
4065 to 4324$1,313$2,188+$314
4325 to 4500$1,397$2,328+$314

Apprentice registration rebate

If you're a first or second year apprentice registered with the NSW Department of Education and Training, you can apply for a registration rebate to help you with the costs of registering your vehicle.
For more see, Apply for apprentice vehicle registration rebate.

Registration typeVehicle tax amount
Private and business use$80
Trailers and caravans

Vehicle tax on private caravans and camper trailers has been reduced by 40%.

The reduction is automatically applied to new registrations and renewals of privately-registered towed caravans and purpose-built camper trailers, weighing from 255kg up to 4.5 tonnes.

Pensioners eligible for registration concessions can still get the caravan and camper trailer fee reduction if they choose to use their concession on a different vehicle.

Motorhomes and campervans are not eligible for the reduction.

Private caravan and camper trailer vehicle tax

Weight range (kg)Private useWith 40% discount
Up to 254$0$0
255 to 764$142$85
765 to 975$255$153
976 to 1154$288$173
1155 to 1504$332$199
1505 to 2504$503$302
2505 to 2794$788$473
2795 to 3054$895$537
3055 to 3304$980$588
3305 to 3564$1,067$640
3565 to 3814$1,145$687
3815 to 4064$1,231$739
4065 to 4324$1,313$788
4325 to 4500$1,397$838

Trailer and caravan vehicle tax (including motorhomes and campervans)

Tare weight (kg)Private useBusiness use
Up to 254$0$126
255 to 764$142$228
765 to 975$255$411
976 to 1154$288$460
1155 to 1504$332$537
1505 to 2504$503$804
2505 to 2794$788$1,313
2795 to 3054$895$1,492
3055 to 3304$980$1,634
3305 to 3564$1,067$1,778
3565 to 3814$1,145$1,908
3815 to 4064$1,231$2,051
4065 to 4324$1,313$2,188
4325 to 4500$1,397$2,328
Transferring registration fees
Transaction type Amount
Transferring registration within 14 days of acquiring the vehicle $37
Transferring registration after 14 days of acquiring the vehicle $172

Additional vehicle tax, registration charges and stamp duty may apply. See transfer your registration.

Number plates

Transferring number plate fees

There is a one-off transfer fee for all Special Number Plates. A Special Number Plate includes any number plate that is not a General Issue (yellow and black). These can include government sequentially issued content on black and white number plates.

Number plate typeCar/truckMotorcycle


A Standardised combination refers to government sequentially issued letters and numbers on any Special Number Plate.


Standardised plate - Black and white


A Personalised combination refers to selecting your letters and numbers within set formats which may include separators depending on the style chosen.


Personalised plate - Black and white


A Customised combination refers to selecting your letters and numbers without any separators on the style chosen.


customised plate - Black and white

Numeral Only

Numeral Only means a historic style number plate which contains only number values.


Numeral Only plates - four digit
6 digit numeral-only$226N/A
5 digit numeral-only$460$112
4 digit numeral-only$1,152$168
3 digit numeral-only$2,302$226
2 digit numeral-only$4,605$460
1 digit numeral-only$11,513$2,302

 New or replacement number plate fees

Transaction typeAmount
Standard number plates (new or replacement General Issue number plate)$52
National Heavy Vehicle number plates (new or replacement$29.20
Auxiliary (bike rack) number plates (new or replacement)$50
Personalised number platesVaries depending on style and content. See myPlates or phone 02 9433 1600
Exchange number plates$66
Reserve number plates (annual fee)$66 + any applicable special plate fees while they are reserved
Move number plates$31

See trader's plate fees if you are a motor dealer that uses demonstration vehicles.

Cancelling registration or getting a replacement certificate

Cancel registration

Transaction typeAmount
Cancellation of registration$33

Registration fees are non-refundable on cancellation of registration. Unused vehicle tax is refundable.

Replacement Certificate of Registration and/or label

Transaction typeAmount
Replacement of registration certificate$25
Conditional registration

There's no fee to cancel conditional registration. See conditional registration for refund conditions.

Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance for conditional registration varies depending on vehicle shape, usage and area of operation. Phone 13 22 13 for information.

New conditional registration

Transaction typeAmount
Administration fee$25
Number plate fee$52

Renew conditional registration

Transaction typeAmount
Administration fee$25

Replacement certificates, labels or number plates

Transaction typeAmount
Replacement Certificate of Registration or label$25
Replacement Certificate of Approved Operations$25
Replacement number plates$52
Unregistered vehicle permits
Transaction typeAmount
Unregistered vehicle permit$25
Replacement unregistered vehicle permit$25
Primary producer trucks and trailers up to 4.5 tonnes tare

Primary producer trucks up to 4.5 tonnes tare

Vehicle tax for primary producer trucks over 2504kg tare is capped at $847. 

Lower taxed vehicles
Tare weight (kg)AnnualHalf YearlyQuarterly
Up to 975$226$113$57
Non-lower taxed vehicles
Tare weight (kg)AnnualHalf YearlyQuarterly
Up to 975$226$113$57
Vehicles over 2504kg tare 
Tare weight (kg)AnnualHalf YearlyQuarterly

Primary producer trailers up to 4.5 tonnes tare

Vehicle tax for primary producer trailers over 2504kg tare is capped at $804. 

Tare weight (kg)AnnualHalf YearlyQuarterly
Up to 254$69$35$17


Fee increases

Registration administration fees and vehicle tax are reviewed annually and may increase as part of the annual NSW Treasury approved Consumer Price Index.

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