Solicitors applying for certificates

Requirements for solicitors who apply for a certificate or ask us to search our records on behalf of a client.

Solicitors can apply for certificates online or by post on behalf of a client. The client must be entitled to apply for a certificate in line with our requirements for:

We may ask for additional documents to support the application such as a will, court order or other documents to prove identity or entitlement.

    Solicitor's authority and identification

    As a solicitor applying for a certificate or requesting a search on behalf of a client you must provide:

    • a letter on company letterhead stating:
      • the name of your client and the nature of your representation
      • the type of certificate or search requested and the reason it is required, such as probate or estate administration, conveyancing or immigration.
      • the link between the client represented and the person whose name appears on the required certificate and
      • for estate matters, the relevant provisions of the Succession Act 2006 relating to eligibility.
    • completed application form with your name as the applicant and
    • certified copy of the solicitor's Law Society ID Card or practising certificate and
    • payment with a company or trust cheque or company credit card.

    Solicitors or legal practitioners registered outside of Australia must provide 3 current forms of identification for themselves, complying with the same requirements for applicants listed on the application.

    Agent’s authority and identification

    If a solicitor appoints a person (agent) to collect the certificate, the agent must provide:

    • a letter from the solicitor on letterhead that names the person authorised to collect the certificate and
    • at least 3 current forms of identification as required by the specific application.
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