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Partnering with government agencies to improve outcomes through community focused research to design, connect and tailor accessible services to meet people's changing needs, including First Nations, multicultural and vulnerable communities.

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About us

CX, or customer experience, involves listening to our communities, so we can understand their needs when interacting with services, including government. The Customer Experience Unit (CXU) aims to improve the way people experience and interact with government, reducing pain points, saving them time, effort and easing the administrative burden to get things done. 

CXU sits within the Department of Customer Service and is committed to connecting government services, so people don’t have to. CXU partners with government agencies, utilising a range of data insights and human-centred design to drive service improvements and solutions, inform policy and monitor and evaluate solutions based on consultation and research direct with the community. 

Our expertise

Understanding the needs of our communities

Researching and mapping customer experiences to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Connecting government services and information

Designing services around the people of NSW rather than government structures.

Improving services and access

Testing solutions with our communities to ensure they work in the real world and add value.

Uncovering new possibilities

Helping NSW Government agencies and employees discover how CX can help take their content to the next level.

Our flagship programs


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The Customer Experience (CX) Hub

The CX Hub provides access to information, tools and a team of experts who partner with NSW Government agencies to design services and solutions that are informed by the needs of our communities. 


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Life Journeys

The Life Journeys program brings together government services and information to support people to access what they need, when they need it and in a way that works best for them during key life events.  Whether it’s having a baby, getting cost of living support or buying a house, Life Journeys delivers a connected government experience for our communities.

Our work


Life Journeys

The Life Events Information Service provides people with information on their options, obligations, and entitlements during common life events.

Life Journeys

We know life is not linear. That’s why we support people during multiple life events to connect with and navigate the services they need.

Life Journeys solutions are developed in partnership with government agencies and are built to meet the unique needs of our communities, including vulnerable populations, across the state


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Creating the Cost of Living Hub

The Cost of Living hub helps people make the most of their money with tips and tools, easy ways to stretch the budget, and provides access to trusted advice and support backed by the NSW Government.


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Building the myHome Planner

myHome Planner is an end-to-end homebuilding guide designed to help people research, plan and design their new project home in NSW. 


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Navigating the early years

The Big Futures Start Small Program supports parents and carers during the first 2000 days (pregnancy to when a child is 5 years), providing information and support services throughout this important life stage.  

Contact CXU

For more information, or to speak with a CX expert, complete the CX Hub contact form. 

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