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The CX Hub is a service to government that helps NSW agencies design and deliver solutions that meet the unique needs and expectations of the people and communities of NSW.

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CX Toolkit

Whether you’re new to CX or looking for a specific template, you can work your way through the resources or skip ahead based on where you are in your CX journey.

To understand common CX terms, see the Glossary of CX Terms.

I want to better understand customer needs based on data and insights
I want to deliver a seamless and high-quality experience to customers
I want to prioritise solutions based on what creates the most impact for customers
I want to engage with customers meaningfully on priorities for the future

These tools can help: listen to customers and respond with empathy.

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How we drive customer and digital transformation

The Customer Experience (CX) Hub provides best practice information, tools and customer experience capability supported by a team of CX experts. The CX team works with NSW Government agencies to design and deliver solutions that improve customer experience for the people and communities of NSW. 

Partnering with experts across the Department of Customer Service such as the Behavioural Insights Unit, the Data Analytics Centre, OneCX and Digital.NSW, provides customer insights to inform the design and delivery of people-centred solutions.   

How CX transforms government services 

CX refers to the interactions and engagement between people and the government when accessing services or information. It aims to improve the way people experience and interact with government services, making them more accessible, efficient and user-friendly. These benefits also show measurable savings in time, effort, cost and administrative burden. 

Our comprehensive approach to improve the customer experience 

The team are experts in improving CX through research, analysis, design and technical solution development for agencies across NSW Government, drawing on a range of methodologies and tools to meet the needs of the business.  

Our services

The CX Hub offers three different packages, suited to the agency's needs.


Design Support

The agency leads the solution development, with the CX team providing expert guidance and support throughout the process to build the solution. 

Support level: Low



The sponsor agency works collaboratively works with the CX team to define and understand the problem statement, develop a business case and deliver a solution together. This approach supports co-learning and maximises the effectiveness of the solution.

Support level: Medium



The CX team leads the full research process from ideation to implementation of the solution. With guidance from the sponsor agency this offering utilises the full CX expertise to make the process as easy as possible for the agency. 

Support level: High 

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For more information, or to speak with a CX expert, complete the CX Hub contact form. 

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Case study on the Home Buyer Assistance Finder

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“Co-designing the user-friendly Home Buyer Assistance Finder with the CX Hub improved customers' access to home buyer benefits. A fantastic collaboration.”Executive Director, Property Reform Implementation.

The challenge

Homebuyers in NSW can face multiple barriers to access financial assistance they may need to buy their own home. The NSW Government offers several grants and schemes, but the eligibility criteria can be complex and inconsistent. As a result, low awareness and uptake of the schemes can occur, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction among homebuyers and Revenue NSW staff, who review and assess applications.

Our solution

The CX Hub worked closely with Revenue NSW to design and build the Home Buyer Assistance Finder using human-centred design principles. The team conducted interviews with homebuyers to understand their needs, expectations, and pain points when looking for financial support to buy their own home. 

Best practices in content design, information architecture and user interface design were applied to create a simple tool providing clear and personalised guidance for each user.

The outcome

The Home Buyer Assistance Finder online self-assessment eligibility tool streamlines the property purchasing process and enhances customer experience by:

  • Asking a series of questions about the applicant’s budget, property type and first home buyer status.
  • Utilising a decision tree with over 120 potential pathways to determine eligibility for each of the NSW Government grants and schemes.
  • Consolidating information from four different websites and various forms of documentation to provide clear and personalised guidance for users.

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