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Lifelong careers information, advice and professional guidance for NSW residents at any stage of your career, wherever you live.

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Talk to someone about your career

Choose an option for free and personalised career support. You can talk to a Careers Practitioner or an Industry Expert. Please note, these links will take will take you to the Service NSW website.

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Talk to a careers practitioner

Your careers practitioner will work with you to understand your needs and provide tailored support. Find out more and book an appointment.

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Chat with an industry expert

Speak to one of our industry experts who will guide you at any stage of your career. Our experts cover a range of industries. Find out more and book an appointment. 

Discover the career that works for you

Find your career

Start your career journey. Explore career options and find out what skills are needed and the average pay for the job. Access resources to help you get your first job, upskill, change careers or find a new role.

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Get job ready

Whether you're looking for your first job, changing careers or returning to the workforce, find out how to build your job skills through work experience programs, apprenticeships and traineeships. Get tips for job applications and interviews.

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Get career support

Find out about tailored support services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, people with a disability, women returning to work, women in construction, young people and more. Access mental health and financial support services.

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About Careers NSW

Careers NSW is a NSW Government initiative launched in 2021 to provide free access to career information, advice and guidance for people living in NSW, at any stage of their career.

Our mission is to ensure NSW residents feel empowered and supported to make well informed decisions about their careers by offering 3 key services:

  • Access to a wide range of career guidance information, resources and support.
  • Individual appointments with industry experts from a variety of industries for insider insights into careers in their industry.
  • Access to professional careers practitioners for tailored career guidance and support in targeted regions of NSW.
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Contact Careers NSW

To make an enquiry or provide feedback, contact Careers NSW.


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