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Recruiter FAQs

What happens if my Hiring Manager disagrees with the match?

When the WMP team determine an employee in WMP is suitable for your role, your Hiring Manager is required to meet with the employee. After this introduction, your Hiring Manager will have 24hours to provide an outcome or any considerations back to you. The WMP team will review all considerations raised and confirm decision with you, the Recruiter. In the event matters raised were considered and the rationale did not result in a revised determination of suitability, the placement will proceed, as agencies can directly transfer employees to a role in a different agency. All the details are outlined in the GSE Transfer and Secondment Guidelines, Section 64. 

Are reference, service and background checks required?

Reference checks are recommended, though for information gathering rather than decision making. The WMP team recommend the hiring manager speak with the current line manager to learn more about the employee and to confirm a suitable start date. Service and conduct checks need to be undertaken (including criminal records check if the role ordinarily requires one to be undertaken). Refer to 4.1.8 in the Workforce Mobility Policy for more details.

Can we advertise while waiting for the five day mobility clearance process?

No. Workforce mobility placement matching takes priority and agencies must clear roles for mobility placement for 5 business days before proceeding to alternate sourcing to allow for roles to progress through the matching process. Some roles may, by prior approval from Premier's Department, progress to immediate recruitment. This is typically for specialist roles. The WMP team can still refer suitable candidates to those roles where matches arise.

What roles are included in the program?

All ongoing and temporary roles 12 months or greater duration within the government sector that need to be filled must be considered for excess matching first, then mobility placement before any other form of sourcing.  This includes roles seeking to convert temporary employees to ongoing. 

Is WMP Program equitable and merit based?

Yes, the mobility placement program is equitable.  All employees referred for workforce mobility placement are ongoing employees.  To become an ongoing employee to a substantive position, there was a comparative, merit-based assessment completed, determining the employee has the capabilities required to perform the duties at the classification/grade of their ongoing role. Mobility placements will only be made at the classification/grade of the substantive position. For that reason, there is no formal assessment or interview required for mobility placements.

Overview of WMP Process

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