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We offer rewarding employment opportunities and incentives for health professionals locally and those who want to relocate to benefit from our regional lifestyle.

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Come to Southern

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Come to Southern


Sarah Hennessy - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

When you become a nurse, you really commit a lot of your life to creating a positive impact in other people's lives. You give a lot of yourself, but you get an awful lot back.


[On-screen text] Come to Southern

Cara Young - Nurse Unit Manager, Moruya

I love what I do. I love serving my community.

Benjamin Burnett - Registered Nurse, Goulburn

It's such a good support network, we really do support each other and the friendships that I have made from that, I know they're going to be long lasting ones.

Sarah Hennessy - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

I love it here. I feel completely supported and um checked in on regularly with how I'm coping and how I'm and how I'm engaging and how I'm feeling in this process. I love that my ideas are being listened to and this is something that I think you'll definitely find here.

Laura Davidson - Clinical Midwife Educator, Cooma

Rural is just such a special place to be, a much less hustle and bustle than the city.

Sarah Hennessy - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

Not only do I feel that I have great career possibilities here, but I can actually see career progression unfolding in front of me.

Julie Hankinson - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

If you've got an interest in learning and trying new things, there's so many more opportunities in regional hospitals than what you would get in tertiary centres.

Sarah Hennessy - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

You can specialise, you can generalise, you can do almost anything here - it's great.

Benjamin Burnett - Registered Nurse, Goulburn

The facilities that we now have in our, in our hospitals, in the area are state-of-the-art. It has made our job so much easier when we've got the proper equipment, the proper facilities to actually care for people.

Sarah Hennessy - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

They'll help you with accommodation when you first arrive and you'll immediately feel connected to the community


Belinda Toohey - Registered Nurse

You have beautiful places to explore here, you've got farmland, you've got beaches a quick trip to the snow - there's something for everybody.

Julie Hankinson - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

There is surfing, there's dragon boating, there's surf life saving, there's snorkeling, there's hiking, there's four wheel driving. There are so many things, our weekends are full of the next thing to look for and our work-life balance is absolutely awesome. I love working here.

Benjamin Burnett - Registered Nurse, Goulburn

And there's plenty of nature here waiting for you too when you come out to the country.


Sarah Hennessy - Clinical Nurse Educator, Moruya

The lifestyle is great, my family is thriving and your downtime is unbelievable there's so much to do here just come really just, just come.

A move to Southern NSW is more than a career change, it's the start of a new lifestyle with endless possibilities.

Help us provide quality health care to 220,000 residents in our regional communities by joining our dedicated team of health professionals in our state-of-the-art facilities.

By joining us you’ll access: 

  • a better work life balance with more time for family and recreation
  • a variety of challenging and rewarding work opportunities across our 15 hospitals and health facilities 
  • a supportive and inclusive culture where everyone is valued
  • an easy commute with free parking at work and no more traffic
  • close proximity to Canberra and other regional centres to explore NSW
  • opportunities to build your clinical skills to progress your career faster
  • salary packaging and a range of other financial incentives
  • support through The Welcome Experience for you and your family to make the move to Regional NSW (Bega and Goulburn).

Our incentives

You may be eligible for a range of incentives when you join our rural and remote facilities.

Financial incentives

  • Up to $20,000 sign on allowance (dependent on position and location) and up to $10,000 to stay. Learn more about rural incentives
  • Up to $12,000 for eligible students under the Tertiary Health Study Subsidy Program
  • Salary packaging – up to $9,000 for living expenses; $2,600 meal and entertainment; $9,000 remote area housing and novated leasing.
Southern NSW LHD nurse

Common questions about incentives

What positions and locations are available?

Positions and locations receiving incentives are subject to certain criteria that can change over time. You can find an up-to-date list of the positions attracting incentives in our jobs portal.

How do I know if it's an incentivised role?

‘Incentives offered’ will be clearly displayed in the advertisement. 

How long do I need to stay?

We'd love for you to make Southern NSW your home and enjoy a long career with our District. However, if you need to leave our organisation before you have spent 18 months in an incentivised role, you will need to repay some or all of the incentive payment and relocation expenses. 

Do existing staff receive incentives too?

Yes, if your role is deemed hard to fill then you'll also receive the retention bonus according to your facilities remoteness. If you're not receiving this, please talk to your manager. 

How do I get started?

Select the position that interests you in our jobs portal and apply. Contact our team with any questions on SNSWLHD-AskHR@health.nsw.gov.au

Our region and lifestyle

A move to Southern NSW will provide you with a relaxed lifestyle in our vibrant regional communities, with more time to do the things you enjoy. From the beach, to the snow, to country living – you can do it all here. Our varied and unique communities offer a range of attractions, activities, eateries and events.

Our scenic region covers a large area of NSW – 45,000 square kilometres from Goulburn and Crookwell to the Victorian border and surrounds the ACT on three sides. 

It extends from the pristine beaches of the NSW South Coast, the farmlands of the Southern Tablelands, across the picturesque Great Dividing Range and the spectacular Snowy Mountains. No matter what kind of lifestyle you're seeking, you'll find it in the Southern NSW region.

Woman sitting by the water smiling and holding a dog
Beach in Huskisson NSW
Live close to the beach

Our coastal facilities are just 15 minutes away from the beach. Enjoy a refreshing morning swim or an afternoon surf to unwind.

Thredbo Resort
Live close to the snow

Some of our Snowy Monaro health facilities are just over an hour from Australia’s tallest peak. Discover the thrill of mountain bike tracks in summer or hit the slopes in winter.

Sea Cliff Bridge
Less traffic

Say goodbye to sitting in metro traffic and save money on parking, tolls and fuel.

Aerial view of Canberra from Belconnen in the morning
Close to big cities

With Canberra just 2 hours from the coast and Sydney just 2 hours from Goulburn, you can still easily get back to the city and metro living when you need to.

Come for a career, find a home.

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