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At Southern NSW Local Health District, we provide a range of quality acute, subacute, palliative care, mental health, drug and alcohol, residential care and community and ambulatory care to the people of south eastern NSW. 

Our mission is to ensure that our communities have access to safe, quality health services now and into the future. 

Learn more about us and our values, vision and priorities.

We offer a range of incentives to join us and a unique lifestyle. Come for a career, find a home.



We are Southern

Southern is on an exciting journey of renewal. Our vision is to be a recognised leader in rural health care, and you're invited to be a part of the journey.

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We are Southern


Margaret Bennett - Chief Executive

Southern NSW health is on an exciting journey of renewal.

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We are Southern


Skyan Fernando - Aboriginal Health Worker

The launch of our new Strategy 2026 provides the clarity and commitment that will enable our Southern team to improve the wellbeing of the community we are privileged to serve.

Margaret Bennett - Chief Executive

Our vision is to be a recognised leader in rural healthcare and you are invited and requested to be an active partner on this important journey.

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Terence Joe - Manager Patient Experience

It is the full engagement of our wonderful staff and the voice and input of our patients, carers, community, volunteers, visitors, and partner agencies...

Brownwyn Maher - Emergency Nurse Unit Manager

...that is so essential to helping, guiding, and supporting us to be the best we can be.


Margaret Bennett - Chief Executive

Our communities and our staff have shown extraordinary resilience through the enormous challenges of drought, devastating bushfires and floods, and, now, of course, through the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Chin Weerakkody - Manager, Virtual Care and Telehealth

And when you work in health, you're on the front line of these disasters.

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They've made us stronger. In fact, we've never felt more resilient.


Neil Mathieson - Registered Nurse

Southern health covers 45,000 square kilometres in a very beautiful part of the world.

Netty Swinburne Mepham - Manager, Integration and Partnerships

From the majestic Snowy Mountains,

Neil Mathieson - Registered Nurse

across the expansive Tablelands,

Netty Swinburne Mepham - Manager, Integration and Partnerships

to the shimmering South Coast.

Neil Mathieson - Registered Nurse

We provide care for 220,000 residents and the five millions visitors who come to see us each year.

Skyan Fernando - Aboriginal Health Worker

Our district covers the traditional lands of five Aboriginal Nations: the Gundungurra, Ngunnawal, Ngambri, Ngarigo, and the Yuin First Nations peoples.

Margaret Bennett - Chief Executive

Our 4,000 staff and visiting medical officers are supported by a fabulous team of over 200 volunteers.

Terence Joe - Manager Patient Experience

We provide care across seven LGAs through our networks and streams and across 20 delivery sites and through a range of community and virtual care services.

Neil Mathieson - Registered Nurse

We are excited about the significant infrastructure projects underway across the district that will enhance the environment of care.


Margaret Bennett - Chief Executive

I am so proud of our staff and I’m so grateful for their relentless dedication in caring for our community.

Skyan Fernando - Aboriginal Health Worker

Our absolute commitment to excellence in care requires us to provide care that is safe, appropriate, effective, individualised, and connected.

Margaret Bennett - Chief Executive

Our values and our "Care in Kindness Charter" and our absolute commitment to the nine Elevate principles will guide our forward success.

We are proudly Southern. Please join us on our journey as we together move forward with clarity, commitment, care, and optimism.

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Southern NSW Local Health District

Come for a career, find a home.

Our District

We provide health services to a large area of the state, covering the NSW South Coast, Southern Tablelands, the Great Dividing Range, the Snowy Mountains, stretching to the Victorian border and surrounds of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Map of Southern LHD
Southern NSW LHD Map

Living in Southern NSW

A move to Southern NSW will provide you with a relaxed lifestyle in our vibrant regional communities, with more leisure time to pursue the things you enjoy.

From stunning beaches to snowfields to tranquil country towns, no matter what kind of lifestyle you're seeking, the Southern NSW region has it all. Enjoy a slower pace of life with less traffic and more time for you.

Learn about living in Southern NSW

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Bega Hospital

Our facilities

Explore our hospitals, multipurpose services, community health centres, and community mental health centres. We deliver a range of vital health services to our regional communities. 

We provide you with the resources and support you need to do your best work in our state-of-the-art facilities. You can enjoy the rewarding experience of improving health outcomes of the people you'll get to know in our close-knit communities.


Southern NSW LHD nurse at the beach

Incentives to work with us

You may be eligible for a range of financial incentives and perks when you join our rural and remote facilities, including allowances to sign on and stay and salary packaging to boost your budget.

We also offer support for you to move to our region, career development programs and a range of health and wellbeing initiatives. Find out how you can benefit.

Our careers

Find your fit in Southern NSW and explore our unique career opportunities.


Southern NSW LHD administration worker

Administration and support careers

Our administration and health support team provides critical and valued support that helps our clinicians deliver quality care to our communities. From front line to behind the scenes roles, find a rewarding career with us.


Southern NSW LHD staff

Alcohol and other drugs careers

Our alcohol and other drugs team play a vital role in helping individuals overcome addiction and regain control of their lives. Through comprehensive assessment, counseling, and intervention, you'll provide a safe space for healing and recovery.


SNSWLHD Allied Health Worker

Allied Health careers

If you have an interest in supporting the broader allied health needs of our community, consider the rewarding employment opportunities in our Allied Health team.


Three women talking and walking outdoors, each of them are holding a takeaway coffee.

Business and corporate careers

As a member of our corporate services team, you become a driving force behind the smooth functioning of our organisation.  From finance and human resources to information technology to management, you play a crucial role in supporting our core operations.


Murrumbidgee LHD dental health worker with a patient

Dental (oral) health careers

Join our connected and collaborative dental (oral) health team at Southern NSW LHD. You'll be a vital part of the community, providing essential oral health care and making a real impact on people's lives.


Southern NSW LHD doctor

Medical careers

We’re committed to ensuring that our doctors and other health professionals are supported with careers that not only fulfil their personal aspirations but also align with service needs. 


Mental health professional at Southern NSW LHD

Mental health careers

Working in mental health offers a chance to make a profound impact on individuals' lives as you navigate the complexities of the human mind. Through assessment, therapy, and advocacy, you offer hope, healing, and empowerment. 


SNSWLHD midwifery 2

Midwifery careers

Join our midwifery team and become a vital part of providing pregnancy, birth and baby services to our communities. Working in regional and rural areas means you'll access more opportunities to grow your career as a midwife.


Southern NSW LHD nurses

Nursing careers

A career in nursing with us offers opportunities to develop new skills and take on new challenges to build your career. Make a lasting contribution to both the patients you care for and your whole community. 

Information for students

If you're a high school student, we offer a range of programs to help you gain experience and skills to pursue a career in health. Learn about our programs for students including work experience and school-based traineeships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

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Southern NSW LHD nurses

How we work

Elevate your career with us. At Southern NSW LHD, we use the Elevate 9 principles for organisational excellence in everything we do:

1. Commitment to excellence

All our employees are dedicated to achieving excellence through consistent and continuous improvement.

2. Measuring important things

We identify what excellence means and use data to monitor progress and drive improvement.

3. Building a culture around service

We embed values and create caring environments, relationships, and customer service.

4. Developing great leaders

We focus on leadership and development programs to enhance skills and leadership qualities. 

5.Employee engagement

We strive for a workplace where employees are fulfilled, supported, and engaged - contributing to better healthcare outcomes.

6. Individual accountability

We take ownership and responsibility for upholding values and standards, influencing organisational performance. 

7. Aligning behaviours with goals and values

We create a positive foundation through values, behaviors, and aligned goals. 

8. Effective communication

We ensure clear and transparent communication at all levels to engage employees and drive performance.

9. Recognising and rewarding success

We encourage a positive culture by highlighting and reinforcing positive behaviors and attributes in the workplace.

A group of culturally diverse people with arms around each other

A place for everyone

We're dedicated to creating a workplace that reflects the richness of our community. Everyone has a place here and we work together to care for our diverse regional communities.

We actively build respectful relationships, address health disparities, and strive for a culturally safe healthcare environment. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of what we do, embracing not only the unique perspectives of our team but extending a warm welcome to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Southern NSW LHD is more than an employer; it is a community where everyone, regardless of background or identity, is valued, respected, and celebrated.

Culturally safe workplace and services

We're committed to supporting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members in a culturally safe workplace. We also provide access to holistic and culturally appropriate healthcare, to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal peoples in our communities.

Learn more about our Aboriginal health services and our Aboriginal Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy.

SNSWLHD Alison Simpson Artwork

Get support

Get help with your application

Applying for a role? Get a head start. Applications for positions in our LHD are submitted through the NSW Health Career Portal. If it's your first time using the portal, you'll need to set up a personal profile, which will include details about your qualifications and employment history.

Get tips on how to write a resume and cover letter; and if you're selected for interview, find out how to prepare for an interview to give yourself the best chance of success.

Southern NSW LHD administration workers

Support when you start

Our recruitment team is here to support you throughout your onboarding process and can help you get set up with everything you need before your first day with us.

When you come on board with Southern NSW LHD, we offer you an Employee Orientation Program designed to provide all new staff with the necessary information, access, training and education to ensure you can carry out the duties of your position effectively and safely.

Contact us to find out more:

Southern NSW LHD nurses

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