Vessel labels and ID

All you need to know about getting and displaying an HIN (Hull Identification Number), Boatcodes, registration numbers, and plates and labels on your vessel. Plus find your nearest Boatcode Agent.

Do a boat search

Buying a new or used boat comes with risk. Check whether the boat, jet-ski, tinny or other type of watercraft you're buying has a security interest registered against it.

Change a vessel's details

If you've changed details on your vessel (not HIN), you need to inform Transport for NSW of the changes. Find out how at Service NSW.

What to display on your vessel

Find out what numbers and labels to put on a vessel for NSW registration.

Hull Identification Number (HIN) and boatcode

Here's how to locate the HIN or boatcode on your vessel, and why it matters.

Find a Boatcode Agent

Find a Boatcode Agent near you in NSW. They can provide certificates and validate and affix the HIN to your vessel.

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