Centre for Maritime Safety

The Centre for Maritime Safety is responsible for evidence-based strategy, policy, and awareness campaigns for the NSW Government’s maritime program. Find out more about the Centre for Maritime Safety, their maritime partners and the Safe System Approach to improving safety on NSW waterways.

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About the Centre for Maritime Safety

Information on the establishment, role and purpose of the Centre for Maritime Safety.

Safe System Approach

The Safe System Approach is key to achieving the ultimate goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on NSW waterways.

Centre for Maritime Safety Partners

Partners of the Centre for Maritime Safety include government, industry and community stakeholders across Australia and internationally.

NSW Maritime Medal

An award recognising outstanding and sustained contributions to the boating and maritime community by individuals or organisations.

NSW Maritime Infrastructure Plan

A strategic plan guiding future investments in maritime infrastructure, to deliver the greatest benefits to recreational boaters, commercial fishers and the tourism industry.

Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW is about more than getting people and goods from A to B. Find out about public transport, using waterways, vehicle licensing and registration, and transport infrastructure projects.

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