A career in cyber security

Are you curious about cyber security but don't know where to start? A technical background or knowledge is not a pre-requisite. If you are curious, inquisitive and love problem-solving, you will love Cyber Security!

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1. TAFE NSW Introduction to Cyber Security course

This 3-hour micro-skills course will help you learn the why, how, and what of cyber security. You can watch videos, hear from experts, and read reports and knowledge bites. You can also test your knowledge with interactive quizzes. Topics covered are :

  • what is cyber security
  • cyber security careers
  • common threats
  • vulnerabilities and risks
  • adversaries and their motivations
  • staying cyber safe.

NSW students and teachers can access this course for free:

  1. Scan the QR code or register for an account using your @education.nsw.gov.au email.
  2. Verify your email address. Use the password in the welcome email to log in.
  3. Set up a new password.
  4. Log in and delve into the course.

2. Understanding cyber threats

Students can use threat modelling to identify, communicate and understand threats. Teacher notes are provided. This course has three modules:

  • understanding cyber threats
  • modelling Cyber Threats
  • mitigating cyber threats and risk analysis

It is suitable for students of Digital Technologies in years 9-10 and for year 11 and/or 12 computing courses.

Scan the QR code or access Grok Academy's Understanding cyber threats

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QR code grok cyber course


The future of work

The world of work is evolving. The jobs and careers of today are constantly changing, leaving us in uncertain territory when it comes to educating and preparing the next generation. So, how do we keep up with these changes and engage in meaningful career conversations?

Watch this 8-part series about the future of work called #Work2030








Cyber Security conversations

Watch this panel discussion to learn that is quite easy to get into a role in cyber if you have the right skills and mindset. A qualification in cyber is not always necessary.

If you are a high school student and interested to learn more about cyber, check out this flyer.  (PDF 1.64MB) Students in NSW can also contact Cybermarvel to get support with their questions.







The days of a job for life are over



Cyber Security Conversations: Pathways into cyber security


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Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Abigail is the Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)

The ACSC which is part of the National Foreign Intelligence agency known as the Australian Signals Directorate. She describes her job as “revealing other peoples’ secrets whilst protecting our own”. The ACSC, is tasked with protecting Australia’s communications and technology networks and people from malicious cyber activity.

Listen to this podcast to hear from Abigail about: 

  • her career journey took her from being a lawyer in the Navy to a key role in an intelligence agency
  • why she realised she had to change her leadership style significantly
  • the pros and cons of having to lock your mobile away all day
  • tips of how we can all protect ourselves from cyber crime. 

Cyber Security courses and training programs

TAFE certificates

TAFE Certificate III in Information Technology ICT30120 

Specialise in cyber security, game design, IT networking, IT support or web design. Traineeships and JobTrainer fee subsidies are available.   

TAFE Certificate IV in Business (Cyber Security)

Learn how to protect networks and other digital assets from online threats. Traineeships and JobTrainer fee subsidies are available.   

University degrees

Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour at Western Sydney University

Understand the behavioural science behind online fraud and advanced hacking and learn how to think dynamically to respond to cyber threats. 


Training programs

LinkedIn Learning - Cyber Security courses

NSW Education staff and stage 6 students can access LinkedIn Learning courses for free from their portal.

CompTIA Security+ and Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) 

Learn about network and operational security and specialise to prevent, detect and combat cyber threats. 

Traineeships and apprenticeships

Resources library - Vocational education and training

The NSW Government’s IT Traineeship is for Year 12 school leavers interested in developing professional skills in the Information Technology industry.

This 2-year program provides paid training opportunities for Year 12 school leavers in Australia. It is a collaboration between NSW Government agencies and Training Services NSW and includes accredited and non-accredited training delivered through TAFE NSW and the NSW Government’s Institute for Applied Technology (IAT).

Trainees work full-time at a NSW Government agency. They undertake formal training for up to one day per week within work hours and complete a Cert III in Information Technology or Cert IV in Information Technology (Programming, Networking, General) or Cert IV in Cyber Security.

Cyber Security Microsoft Traineeship Program

This program will equip you for cyber roles such as junior software developer, systems engineer, cyber security specialist or cyber crime analyst. The two-year traineeship is run in collaboration with Microsoft, AustCyber, Prodigy Learning and TAFE NSW. It combines paid, on-the-job experience and supervision with formal training. You will spend four days per week working in the industry, and the fifth pursuing a Certificate IV in Cyber Security from TAFE NSW, and the latest Microsoft and ITS certifications from Prodigy Learning.

Cyber Academy 

Deloitte, TAFE NSW and Wollongong University combine to provide this unique degree program with an earn-as-you-learn apprenticeship. 

State-based graduate programs

Various states in Australia offer graduate programs varying in length from 10 to 18 months. They offer job experiences across diverse roles,  training, networking, mentorship and also ongoing employment. Check them out below:

NSW government graduate program 

QLD government graduate program 

TAS government graduate program 

ACT government graduate program 

VIC government graduate program 

NT government graduate program

More resources

Read Careers with STEM: Cyber Security 2022 –  explore the range of jobs in this crucial field, and highlight real-life role models working in Cyber Security. Discover study pathways into a career in Cyber Security, career stats, insights and practical advice.

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