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Example profiles and job application advice for individuals who already have work experience and are looking to advance their career in the same field.

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The fictional profiles below give you a practical example of how to apply for a promotion or role at another organisation. Each one includes a cover letter, resume and the corresponding job advertisement. These are just some of the resources available from our library of resume templates and cover letter examples.

Looking for academic career advancement – example profile

A man stands in a laboratory holding a clipboard.

Dr Liam Cheng

Liam is a biomedical engineering postdoctoral researcher. He is looking for a new role that leverages his research and mentoring skills, while also continuing to contribute to advancements in biomedical sciences.

In his application for the role at Hamilton Biomedical Research Institute, Liam highlighted his academic and scientific contributions, while showing how his expertise aligns with the goals of the institute.

Liam's resume or CV    Liam's cover letter

Exploring a larger or more specialist organisation – example profile

A man leading against a desk in an office with the graphic of a city in the background.

Parav Patel

Parav has a Bachelor of Business and 4 years’ experience as a CRM professional. He is now seeking a role that will allow him to leverage his CRM skills in a larger enterprise or specialised agency, focusing on crafting impactful customer engagement strategies and advancing CRM platform utilisation.

In his CV and cover letter, Parav has featured his successful CRM projects, data-driven decision-making abilities, and technical proficiency. He aims to show potential employers his capacity to lead CRM initiatives that align with organisational goals and drive positive business outcomes.

Parav's resume or CV    Parav's cover letter

Looking for next role in digital marketing – example profile

A woman holding a clipboard wearing a headset

Priya Singh

Over 15-years, Priya has built a successful career enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement through digital marketing strategies. She now seeks a leadership position in a high-profile organisation that focuses on innovation and team development.

For this opportunity at Digital R Us, Priya’s application showcases her achievements in digital marketing, her analytical approach, her industry recognition and her ability to lead and inspire a team.

Priya's resume or CV    Priya's cover letter

Wanting to step up to a leadership role – example profile

A young woman sat in a wheelchair in a creative office environment.

Sofia White

Sofia is a creative professional with 10 years’ experience in graphic design and digital media. She wants to step up to a leadership role. Sofia showcases her success as a freelance designer with a diverse range of clients using an online portfolio.

When applying for the CreativeVision Inc role Sofia details her qualifications and achievements. She also highlights her experience in leading large teams and complex projects, mentoring junior staff and effectively managing stakeholders.

Sofia's resume or CV    Sofia's cover letter

Stepping up and moving to a different industry – example profile

A woman sat at a table with a laptop and tablet

Emily Wong

Emily has a decade of experience in software development and leadership roles. She wants to step up her career, applying for the Lead Software Engineer position to pursue her interest in financial services. She is also attracted by the innovative culture at the company, FinTech Innovate Solutions.

To succeed, Emily needs to highlight her experience in leading high-performing teams, her contributions to customer-centric digital products, and her proactive approach to fostering collaboration and innovation.

Emily's resume or CV    Emily's cover letter

Advice when applying for your next job or promotion

Your resume or CV

Your resume or CV should detail your specific contributions to past roles. These need to be what you achieved as an individual within the team, not the team’s overall achievements. When showcasing achievements, explain how they added value to the organisation. 

Include quantifiable results where possible such as, “I increased sales by 20% or reduced expenses by 10%”. Also emphasise any leadership roles – with or without people management responsibilities – and any projects that you managed.

Your cover letter

Your cover letter should show the relevance of your past experiences to the new role you’re applying for. Focus on how your values and capabilities align with those of the prospective organisation. It's a chance to tell the story of your professional journey. Be sure to highlight your key accomplishments and how they make you a great fit for the role that’s being advertised.

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See how the people in the examples on this page detail their contributions and quantifiable results in previous roles. They also focus on how their values and capabilities align with the prospective employer.

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