Land and soil

Information about regional land services, soils, land management, Crown land and geodiversity in NSW.

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A farmer walking towards sheep in a paddock

Learn about drought

Information on how drought is managed in NSW and what you can do to help impacted communities.

Support for rural and regional farmers, landholders and community

Local Land Services (LLS) offers services to farmers, landholders and the community.

The LLS staff can help you with agriculture, biosecurity, natural resource management and during emergencies.

Land management and native vegetation

Legislation was introduced in 2017 to support a balanced approach to land management and biodiversity conservation in NSW. 


Learn how the Government supports local councils to help reduce flood risk and what you can do to stay safe during flood events.

Mining, mine rehabilitation and subsidence

Learn about how mining leases are granted, mine rehabilitation and advice on buying or developing land in mine subsidence districts.


Geodiversity refers to the variety of rocks, minerals, soils and landforms that make up the landscape.

Crown land

Crown land covers around 40% of NSW and is essential for business, tourism, recreation, well-being and the biodiversity of the state.

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