Infrastructure Betterment Fund

$200 million to help communities across NSW build back better.

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What is Betterment?

Infrastructure betterment is repairing or building-back directly damaged assets that can better withstand future natural disasters. Betterment has four core values:

Resilience – Reduce the risk of impact to an asset over its lifecycle to better withstand natural disasters, and improve the ability to respond, recover and adapt after asset disruption 

Productivity – Maintain or improve the level of service and sustainable function that an asset provides

Economic – Achieve value benefit across the lifecycle that will determine the value proposition and the return on the value of investment

Social – Maintain or improve a community’s ability to function during and after a disruption to an asset.

Read more about the vision for infrastructure betterment in NSW (PDF 5.7MB).

Infrastructure Betterment Fund

The Australian and NSW governments are committed to helping communities become more resilient by investing in building better infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Betterment Fund is a $200 million program to support the repair and rebuilding of public assets directly damaged by the 2019/20 NSW Bushfires (AGRN 871), February and March 2021 Storm and Floods (AGRN 954/AGRN 960) and February and March 2022 NSW Severe Weather and Flooding (AGRN 1012). 

The program is the first of its kind in NSW with a focus on repairing and rebuilding public infrastructure to a more resilient standard. 

Betterment funding is also being delivered through the $312.5 million Regional Road and Transport Recovery program.

How to apply

More information about the program can be found on the Infrastructure Betterment Fund grant page.

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