Drought Stimulus Package Process and Interim Outcomes Evaluation

The Drought Stimulus Package (DSP) successfully distributed $170 million to rapid economic stimulus projects across 62 eligible local government areas.

The DSP funded infrastructure shovel-ready projects, local support packages, school holiday and country show sponsorship projects.

The DSP Process and Interim Outcome Evaluation assesses the appropriateness of planning processes, if implementation occurred as intended, the suitability of the program for replication, the extent to which the program is achieving its intended outcomes.

The evaluation found the planning and processes supported the program intent to provide immediate economic stimulus to regional communities most impacted by drought. 

Key elements of the program that enabled rapid deployment, included:

  • leveraging a pipeline of shovel-ready infrastructure projects 
  • employing good planning practices
  • applying adaptive management practice
  • working collaboratively with grantees. 

Early program outcomes suggest the program is achieving its planned outcomes. 

The evaluation identified opportunities to build upon the approach used in the DSP to improve future programs where a rapid rollout is required, such as the development of an evidence-based rapid program response framework that identifies best practices in rapid response programs.  

Process and interim outcomes evaluation report (PDF 1.64MB)

Publication date: April 2022

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