Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund Round One Process Evaluation

Round One of the Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) successfully distributed $110.7 million to 32 regional tourism infrastructure projects through a competitive grants process.

This Process Evaluation assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of program activities relating to the program design, application and assessment processes. The evaluation found the eligibility and assessment processes were well communicated and applicants were satisfied with the support provided by staff throughout the application process. Funding decisions were undertaken in line with the eligibility and assessment criteria.

The findings of this process evaluation have been used to drive program improvements in RGETF Round Two and program planning, design and delivery in other regional grant programs. RGETF Round Two incorporated improvements to planning of the assessment processes and subsequent grant programs have provided better guidance for applicants on intended project outcomes to ensure program outcomes.


Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund Round 1 Process Evaluation (PDF 412.11KB)

Date of Publication: May 2021

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