Railway Parade Bridge Upgrade, Railway Parade Glenfield Project

About the Project

The Railway Parade Bridge Upgrade project upgrades and converts the existing road link bridge over Bunbury Curran Creek into a two lane road with shared pathways on both sides for cyclists and pedestrians. The project opens up active transport access to the bridge, which is a major connection to Glenfield train station, while reducing traffic congestion for cars and buses.

Project Scope

The project scope delivers:

  • Reconstructing the abutments
  • Reconstructing the substructure and superstructure
  • Widen bridge and approaches, including channel
  • Reconstruction of the deck and pavement profile
  • Reconstruction of footpath links
  • construct new shared path links
  • Repairing footpath and road approaches to the bridge
  • Relocating all affected utilities

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $18,013,000.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $18,013,000.00

Aboriginal Land:


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