Wran District Park Project

About the Project

The Wran District Park Project delivers an open space and recreation destination for the community within Villawood. The project involves transforming the underutilised Wran Leisure and Aquatic Centre into a new district park with play space and water play elements, multi sports facilities and active open space to cater for the rapidly growing community.

Project Scope

The project features:

  • Decommissioning of the Wran Leisure and Aquatic Centre 
  • Construction of a modern, district-level park (specific deliverables to be confirmed through co-design process with local community)
  • Upgraded multipurpose courts
  • Bespoke play space with water play elements 
  • Shade shelters, seating, fitness stations 
  • Pathways, landscaping and increased tree canopy

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $5,000,000.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $5,000,000.00

Aboriginal Land:


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