Civic Park, Pendle Hill Upgrade Project

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About the Project 

The Civic Park Upgrade project in Pendle Hill delivers the final stage of this park refresh project to enhance the connection to Country, support a healthy natural environment and provide improved green spaces for people to play and visit. Civic Park in Pendle Hill plays an important local role as a waterway and a location for environmental management, open space and recreation.

Project Scope

The Civic Park, Pendle Hill Upgrade project features the following elements: 

  • A new drop-off and pick-up zone at Targo Road 
  • Accessible parking spaces at Civic Ave & Parkland Ave 
  • A prioritisation of pedestrians through the Civic Ave car park and bridges across the wetland 
  • A network of wide, accessible paths leading to the parkland 
  • Lighting and safety improvements 
  • Park entry signage

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $7,000,000.00

Co-Contribution: $2,040,549.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $9,040,549.00


Cumberland Council

Aboriginal Land: 


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