New District Park at Brenan Park Project

About the Project

The New District Park at Brenan Park project delivers a super park that focuses on both on sporting and inclusive adventure recreation for all ages. Facilities include play equipment, sports courts, signage, toilets, footpath links, exercise equipment, shelters and landscaping. This project provides a range of facilities to meet the community needs for modern, inclusive and high quality recreation areas. 

Project Scope

The project features:

  • Inclusive climbing tower with slide, water play/splash pad, in-ground trampolines and accessible spinner
  • Relocation of existing fitness equipment
  • Installation of half basketball court, climbing play structure, swings and flying fox
  • CCTV 
  • Seating and picnic shelters with space for wheelchair users and pram parking
  • Installation of bicycle rack close to the playground
  • Circuit path
  • Playground entry signage and landscaping 
  • Car parking

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $5,056,671.00

Co-Contribution: $372,719.69

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $5,429,390.69


Fairfield City Council

Aboriginal Land: 


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