Castle Hill Showground Arena Project

Castle Hill Showground Arena Project, WestInvest

About the Project

The Castle Hill Showground Project involves the reconstruction of the Arena to further enhance is capabilities as a multi-purpose sport, recreation, and entertainment venue. The redevelopment will encourage shared use of the site including access to free facilities such as play spaces and pathways as well as space to host concerts, major local and regional sporting events, and a wide range of community activities. The Showground will become a thriving cultural hub to support the rapid local and regional growth in The Hills and Sydney’s North West. With the arrival of the NSW Metro, Castle Hill Showground will become more accessible as a site of cultural, social and community infrastructure to support the community and their quality-of-life.

Project Scope 

  • Arena re-surfacing
  • Construction of spectator facilities
  • Sports field lighting upgrades to 25m high light towers
  • Installation of approximately of fencing
  • Stormwater drainage and irrigation installation
  • Turfing new Arena & surrounding area

Fast Facts


NSW Government funding: $11,475,000.00

Co-contribution: $1,000,000.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $12,475,000.00

Aboriginal Land:


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