Duck River Nature Trail Project

Artist impression of Duck River Nature Trail

About the Project

The Duck River Nature Trail Project is a walking and cycling network along Duck River, connecting the M4 Cycleway and Parramatta Valley Cycleway. It will provide the community with safe and enjoyable walking and cycling access for travel and recreation. 

Project Scope

Western River Bank:

  • 490m of concrete shared path with street trees and lighting.
  • 35m long, 5m wide walking and cycling bridge over Duck Creek. 
  • 840m of boardwalk and concrete shared path adjacent to the river corridor.

Eastern River Bank: 

  • 1,050m of separated on road cycleway with adjacent footpath, street trees, lighting and 3 priority crossings.
  • 1,745m of boardwalk and concrete shared path along the river corridor and in Silverwater Park 

Fast Facts


NSW Government funding: $26,941,047.00

Co-contribution: $300,000.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $27,241,047.00


City of Parramatta Council

Aboriginal Land:


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