Max Ruddock Reserve Amenities Project

About the Project

The Max Ruddock Reserve Amenities Project will deliver an upgraded amenities building with community space at Max Ruddock Reserve. This upgrade will support local sports clubs, facilitating increased participation now and into the future. The delivery of multifunctional community spaces will provide places for residents to hire, gather and socialise.

Project Scope

  • Upgrade building to improve interface with adjacent playground and visual permeability to public toilet
  • Accessible amenities for male and female
  • Viewing platform on the second storey
  • Separate umpire rooms
  • Additional space on the second storey for presentation, club training that can double up as hireable community space
  • Secure and well-ventilated equipment storage that can accommodate growing storage needs particularly with the volume growth in the younger age group
  • Canteen facilities
  • Provisions for picnic areas as well as other social infrastructure, such as drinking fountains
  • Connecting footpath around the reserve

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $3,843,184.00

Co-contribution: $1,452,816.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $5,296,000.00

Aboriginal Land:


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