Strengthening the Heart of Play Project

About the Project

The Strengthening the Heart of Play Project delivers sports and recreation upgrades to five parks in North Parramatta within the Heart of Play network: Sherwin Park, Barton Park, PH Jeffrey Reserve, Old Saleyard Reserve and Corry Court. The project delivers a critical multi-sport and open space network to facilitate community access to quality outdoor recreation across North Parramatta.

Project Scope

The works feature:

  • Upgraded basketball courts, tennis court, fitness stations
  • Rearranged athletics facilities to accommodate full-size field
  • New play elements such as two new synthetic fields, multi-sport court, climbing walls, parkour cage
  • Upgraded sports amenities buildings
  • Three formalised and upgraded car parks to maximise capacity
  • Shared footpaths
  • Plant water sensitive vegetation and mature tree planting to improve shade, provide localised cool environment, improve amenities and offer noise buffer to adjacent residents
  • New lighting
  • New park furniture (seats, picnic tables, BBQ, water station)
  • Continuous cycleway through Heart of Play area
  • Pedestrian crossings

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