Water for bushfire preparedness

The NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water is seeking feedback on a proposed package of changes
Sun sets over a water tank and windmill in Gulargambone
Sun sets over a water tank and windmill in Gulargambone

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When bushfires threaten a region, landholders need fast and easy access to water to wet down buildings and surrounding areas.

This act suppresses the fire front to save the lives of people and animals and prevent asset damage.

The DPIE has reviewed the regulatory framework applying to the take of water to prepare landholdings for an imminent bushfire and fight an active fire.

The DPIE are trying to find a way for landholders and occupiers and community groups to be able to take small volumes of water for this purpose in a cost-effective way.

All while acknowledging the need to manage the impacts of any more water take on the environment and other water users.

The DPIE have prepared a proposed package of changes in collaboration with the NSW Rural Fire Service and other water-agency partners.

The NSW Government will consider the final proposal from The DPIE after seeking feedback from the community.

Use the following papers from more information on water for bushfire preparedness:

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