Alcohol and drugs

Find out about services and support that can help if you have become addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Addiction support services

For immediate assistance please call:

Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS) 24 hour support line 1800 250 015

Training for staff to serve alcohol in a licensed venue

To sell, serve or supply alcohol in NSW, you must complete an RSA training course provided by an approved training provider. If you are new to the liquor industry or your RSA competency training took place more than five years ago, you need to complete a full training course.

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Daybreak - Drink Less app icon

Daybreak - Drink Less

Daybreak aims to help users control their drinking habits in order to cut back or quick completely. The app asks users to set goals and allows you to track your progress with weekly check-ins. The app also recommends activities; provides custom notifications; and offers 1-1 chats with health coaches inside the app. The Daybreak program is free and funded for Australian citizens by the Australian Government Department of Health.

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Drinks Meter app

Drinks Meter is a free app that gives you confidential, personal feedback about your alcohol use based on advice from doctors and Australian guidelines.

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