Youth Justice NSW publishes statistics about young people under supervision. View a breakdown of age, gender and re-offending trends of young people under Youth Justice supervision. 

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Youth Justice NSW profile

View the statistics and key characteristics of young people in Youth Justice NSW, including:

  • age and gender
  • percentage and number of young people re-offending within 12 months
  • number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people entering Youth Justice in NSW
  • the percentage of young people exiting Youth Justice and transitioning to safe accommodation, education and training, and community activities.

View statistics


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Young People under community supervision

Learn how many community-based orders have been started or completed and the number of bail supervisions and remand interventions.


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Young people in custody

See an overview of the average number of young people in custody, average length of stay and admissions to Youth Justice NSW Centres.


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Youth Justice Conferencing

Learn the key service measures for 2021-22, the number of Conferences facilitated and the completion of Outcome Plans.

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