About Youth Justice NSW

Youth Justice NSW supervises and cares for young people in the community and in Youth Justice Centres who have committed an offence.

Learn more about the strategies, research and statistics that inform Youth Justice programs and services.

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About Youth Justice

'Our vision is to empower young people to fulfil their potential without offending so that they can thrive in the community.'

Youth Justice NSW is a part of the Department of Communities and Justice. They help young people between 10 to 18 years, who have offended or are at risk of offending.  

Youth Justice handles corrections orders and provides intervention programs. These programs help stop young people from offending or committing more serious offences.  

Youth Justice cares for young people in Youth Justice Centres.  

There are 6 centres across the state. This is where young people in custody stay. These centres provide health, educational and spiritual services. They also provide individual case management, counselling, training for jobs and living skills. 

There are also 35 Youth Justice Community Offices. These offices provide community-based intervention for young people who have offended. 

By changing attitudes and behaviours, Youth Justice helps young people make better choices in their lives. 

View the strategies and action plans Youth Justice implements to provide young people from diverse backgrounds with services that help them make better choices about their lives.

Every year Youth Justice NSW publishes and shares statistics with the public about young people in their care and under supervision. See the current and past statistics for Youth Justice.

Find information about key research areas, procedures for applying to conduct research, and publications from approved research projects.

Youth Justice NSW works closely with other government departments and agencies, and non-government and community organisations.
Learn what services are available to young people.

Find information about career opportunities, the Official Visitor Program, and tenders for contracts with Youth Justice NSW.

Youth Justice Centres are places where young people stay while in custody. 
Learn more about Youth Justice Centres, their location, visiting hours, and services provided.

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