Physical health skills

Information and advice about finding and accessing free or low cost health services, making appointments, and looking after yourself.

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Health advice

Do you know what you’re vaping?

Vapes are not water. Vapes come in a number of flavours such as blueberry or bubble gum but can contain many harmful chemicals.

Advice on healthy living

It's important to know how to look after yourself, including caring for your body with nutrition and activities that sustain and improve your health.

Personal hygiene matters

Look after yourself! Personal hygiene is important for your health, relationships, and confidence. Caring for your body can help you make your best impression on others.

Staying healthy when working from home

Working from home has become a regular opportunity in many jobs - make sure to
manage your health and wellbeing in this modern work environment.

Teenager health

Find information about common health concerns in teenagers with these easy to read guides.

Eating disorders and body image

There are many different types of eating disorders from mild through to severe cases that can have dramatic health consequences. Learn more about types, symptoms and treatment of eating disorders.

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Do you have questions?

Youth Action, the NSW peak body representing young people, have created Ask for Health – a go-to spot for your health questions. 

Turn health questions into health knowledge

How to stay mentally and physically healthy

Learn how to stay healthy and support your social wellbeing. 


Health And Wellbeing - Life Skills

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Do you need a doctor?

Embarassed about a health issue or unsure if you need to see a doctor for treatment? The Sympton Checker can help guide you where to go.

Check your symptoms

Accessing medical services


Medicare card with calculator and cash

Getting your own medicare card

When you turn 15, you can get your own Medicare card. With a Medicare card you can get free or lower cost medical services and prescription medicine.


Doctor using a computer to email a patient

How to visit the doctor and what to expect

Follow a young person who visits the doctor and learn about making appointments, getting free healthcare, problems the doctor can help with and patient privacy.


Doctor using a computer keyboard

Finding a doctor

Find private and bulk-billing doctors in your area.


Doctor and young woman talking about information on the doctor's clipboard

Finding a sexual health clinic

Sexual health clinics offer testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). You can also discuss contraception or other sexual health concerns. Sexual health clinics are free and confidential. You do not need a Medicare card to visit

A group of 7 young adults are standing together, posing for a selfie.

Indigenous health, your way

The Our Health, Our Way resource aims to guide young Aboriginal people through the NSW health system in an accessible video series format. There are 7 videos to help you through your journey.

Find out more about Our Health, Our Way

Mobile phone displaying Ask Izzy app

Find support services nearby using Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy connects people in need with housing, a meal, money help, family violence support, counselling, drugs and alcohol support services and much more. It is a free and anonymous service.

Related information

Drugs and alcohol

Understand your drinking or drug use behaviour and how to get help. 

Mental health

Support and guidance for young people experiencing mental health issues.


Understand how to have healthy relationships, manage your wellbeing and learn to cope with difficult personal situations.

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