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Delivering school infrastructure

Published: 28 April 2017
Education Infrastructure NSW will oversee the planning, supply, and maintenance of NSW schools.

A new delivery unit will ensure there is sufficient supply of learning spaces in government schools to meet the significant growth in student numbers predicted over the next 15 years.

Government schools are predicted to grow by 21 per cent, or an additional 164,000 students by 2031. The majority of this growth is expected to take place in Sydney.

The unit will supply learning spaces that support modern teaching pedagogy, provide sufficient play space, and incorporate sustainable design principles.

An early focus for the unit will be consulting with the local communities, to ensure the planning reflects community aspirations.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said the increase in public education enrolments was due to a baby boom, a strong NSW economy attracting young families and world-class academic standards.

“It’s great news that in many parts of NSW there are strong increases in student numbers in government schools and this is a trend expected to grow in the years ahead,” Mr Stokes said.

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