Energy-efficient street lights to make NSW greener

Published: 1 Oct 2019

Street lights across NSW will be replaced with LEDs, reducing energy use and operating costs.


The NSW Climate Change Fund will provide $12.5 million to replace 80,000 Mercury Vapour (MV) street lights with LEDs by 2021.

The switch to LEDs will save local councils over 205,000 MWh of energy and approximately $22 million in energy costs by 2035.

Local councils will also benefit from:

  • reduced maintenance costs, as LEDs have a longer life
  • better sustainability
  • lower carbon emissions
  • brighter and higher quality lighting improving public safety.

Minister for Energy and Environment Matt Kean said the LED roll-out is part of the plan to accelerate the replacement of the estimated 250,000 energy inefficient street lights in NSW.

“Replacing the old street lights with LEDs will make NSW a cleaner and greener place,” Mr Kean said.

The NSW Government is collaborating with local councils and Endeavour Energy to run the program.

Find out more about the NSW Climate Change Fund

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