Helping seniors understand their legal rights

Published: 27 Nov 2017

Legal Aid NSW’s free 2018 diary for seniors is packed with tips to help them understand their rights under the law.

The 2018 Legal Topics for Older People Diary explains a wide range of legal issues, from retirement villages and tenancy rights to age discrimination, the effect of gift-giving on pension entitlements, and ways to make sure pets are taken care of.

The information touches on legal issues that have special relevance to older people, including those related to planning ahead, problems with pensions and other entitlements, healthcare, elder abuse and discrimination.

This year, there is a dedicated chapter on legal issues that are important for older Aboriginal people to know about, including planning for funerals and sorry business, and using a will as a way of passing on cultural knowledge.

The popular diary also keeps readers up to date with events like the NSW Seniors Festival, NSW Grandparents Day and 2018 school holiday periods.

Minister for Ageing Tanya Davies highlighted the information for older people considering financial support for their adult children.

“This year’s diary includes tips for anyone considering becoming a guarantor for a home loan or entering into a ‘granny flat’ arrangement, and provides a handy list of contacts for anyone who is concerned,” Mrs Davies said.

The 2018 Legal Topics for Older People Diary is available from Legal Aid NSW offices, local libraries and some community organisations.

To order the free diary online, visit the Legal Aid website's Publications section and search for ‘diary’.

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