Jenolan Caves to receive facelift

Published: 26 Apr 2018

Renovations to Jenolan Caves will transform the visitor experience and turn its surrounding towns into a gateway for tourists travelling to the Central West region of NSW.

The NSW Government has announced renovations to Jenolan Caves that will give tourists unique access to the amazing landscape, lake and wildlife that surround the ancient caves system.

Funding from the government’s Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund will go towards three key projects at Jenolan Caves:

  • upgrading the Blue Lake area
  • building the Binoomea Track and Inspiration Point lookout
  • building the Jenolan Caves Gateway Centre.

The new visitor facilities will allow visitors to get up close to the lake for platypus viewing, environmental education and recreation purposes.

The projects are expected to generate at least an extra 40 jobs in the region during the construction phase, and an extra 50 jobs in the local community into the future.

Construction is expected to begin by December 2018, with works completed by December 2021.

Jenolan Caves attracts over 230,000 visitors every year. Once the new facilities are complete, visitor numbers could increase to almost 400,000 each year.

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