Life lessons for senior students

Published: 30 Jul 2018

Year 11 and 12 students will be taught practical skills, including financial responsibility, citizenship and voting, road safety, and mental health.

The Life Ready program will be taught in schools from 2019.

Life Ready will influence financial responsibility in students with the intention of reducing future credit card debt and promoting responsible payment of bills.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said he wants schools to prepare students for the challenges they may face in the first few years after school.

“By being forewarned and forearmed with financial knowledge, we can help students plan responsible budgets and avoid personal debts that could keep them trapped well into their thirties,” Mr Stokes said.

“Life Ready is not about stressful assessments or hard work. It’s simply an opportunity to share with students some simple common sense lessons the rest of us were forced to learn through years of bad mistakes.”

Find out more about Life Ready.

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