Local heritage sites to get greater protection

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Local councils and businesses will receive an extra $28.5 million in additional heritage funding over the next four years through Heritage Near Me an initiative to support local heritage asset management.

A team of eight heritage specialists will visit communities on a roadshow, helping owners of heritage assets identify, manage and protect heritage sites in their local communities.

Heritage Near Me will provide funds through three unique programs; the Heritage Activation Grants Program, the Local Heritage Community and Local Government Grants Program and the Heritage Green Energy Grants Program.

The roadshow team on their visit to communities will record historical information, support communities to protect important places and also help local Council and Shire heritage staff to improve their skills.

The team will work with people in local communities by providing technical advice and leveraging public and private investment in heritage items.

Two new mobile apps will also be developed so that councils and the community can report and identify local heritage. A new website will be built to contain records and information about NSW heritage sites.

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