Long day care receives funding boost

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Long day care services will receive $23.6 million to support delivery of preschool programs for four and five-year-old children in the year before school.

The funding is part of the Long Day Care National Partnership Grants and aims to provide working families with preschool education options.

The grant payment supports:

  • Participation in a quality preschool program, with additional bonus payments to encourage children to attend a preschool program for the recommend 600 hours per year.
  • All four or five year olds with a minimum payment of $300 per child, rising to a payment of $450 for children enrolled for 600 hours.
  • Four or five year olds from Aboriginal backgrounds or enrolled in services in disadvantaged areas with a minimum payment of $450 per child, increasing to $675 for those enrolled for 600 hours.

President of Australian Childcare Alliance NSW Nesha O’Neil said ensuring access to at least 600 hours of affordable, high quality early childhood education and care is vital to the children of NSW.

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