New regulations for short-term rentals

Published: 29 Oct 2020

A mandatory Code of Conduct will be introduced for short-term rentals in NSW to protect the rights of hosts, guests and neighbours.

Short-term rentals in NSW are increasing in popularity, with the industry generating over $30 billion each year.

From 18 December 2020, a new Code of Conduct will impose obligations and clear guidance for booking platforms, hosts, letting agents and guests.

A key feature of the Code of Conduct will be the introduction of an exclusion register to help ban disruptive house guests or hosts.

Under the exclusion register, strict new penalties will be in place for anyone misbehaving in short-term rentals.  

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson said the new set of rules will protect the rights for everyone, which put mutual respect front and centre.

“The standards are enforceable, with powers available to NSW Fair Trading Commissioner to take disciplinary action, including penalties and exclusion from the industry for repeat offenders,” Mr Anderson said.

Learn more about the Code of Conduct and changes to short-term rentals

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