NSW inland waters restocked after drought

Published: 7 May 2021

Fish species including Murray Cod and Tiger Perch have been released into inland NSW waterways over the last six-month stocking season.

Murray river early in the morning with river gum trees on both banks.

More than six million fish have been released into NSW inland waterways, replenishing stocks for the environment and fishers.

Over the last six-month stocking season, fish species including Murray Cod, Tiger Perch and Rainbow Trout have been able to thrive.

The fish were rescued by NSW Department of Primary Industries fisheries at the height of the drought and relocated to hatcheries.

Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall says the NSW Government’s $10 million Native Fish Drought Response and recreational stocking programs have provided a lifeline to native fish species.

“From Menindee to Tamworth and down to Eden, these programs ensure our native fish can flourish after some of the most challenging conditions in recent history, and that our inland fisheries are also primed to rebound strongly,” he said.

For fishing information, including rules, bag limits and seasonal details visit NSW Department of Primary Industries or download the FishSmart app.

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