Parliament rubber-stamps new disability inclusion laws

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Parliament has passed new disability inclusion legislation offering better protection for people with disabilities.

The Disability Inclusion Act 2014 replaces the Disability Services Act 1993. The legislation also features an amendment to the Ombudsman’s Act 1974, which will ensure serious incidents of abuse or neglect of people with disabilities are reported to the NSW Ombudsman.

NSW Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka said the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 is the result of an extensive State-wide consultation process. He also praised the new legislation for promoting independent living for people with disabilities, during and after the move to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

“Although the Disability Services Act was progressive when it was introduced in 1993, it does not reflect our new approach to disability services which focuses on helping people with disability live more independently”, Mr Ajaka said.

“While the new legislation isn’t part of the NDIS it will help support the smooth transition of disability services in NSW to the NDIS.

View the Family and Community Services website for more information on the Disability Inclusion Bill.

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