Police get new body mounted video technology

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Frontline NSW Police officers will be equipped with new body worn video (BWV) cameras.

In addition to a $4 million investment in BWV technology, an extra $7 million will be made available to fund mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. Police and Emergency Services Minister Stuart Ayres confirmed that funding for both schemes will be distributed over 2 years, representing a sizable investment in effective policing.

“The NSW Police Force has been trialling the use of body worn video for frontline officers with very positive results,” Mr Ayres said.

BWV has been successfully trialled by the NSW Public Order and Riot Squad, and it is expected that body worn cameras will help achieve better results for victims of crime.

The cameras are expected to offer the following benefits:

  • changes in behaviour of potential offenders due to being recorded
  • providing police and members of the public with an independent and accurate recording of events
  • reduction in frivolous claims against police for misconduct whilst undertaking their duties.

The new technology will promote more efficient use of police resources, increase safety and allow officers more time to focus on delivering high quality service to the public.

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