Public housing amnesty

Published: 24 Apr 2017

Social housing tenants can declare any undisclosed income, financial assets, property and unauthorised occupants without fear of prosecution or being charged back rent.

The seven-week amnesty for FACS Housing and Aboriginal Housing Office tenants runs until 11 June 2017.

During this time, tenants can declare a change in circumstances without being charged back rent or worrying about prosecution. Members of the public can also contact the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) with allegations about tenants, and tenants have a chance to respond to the claims.

Tenants or members of the public can provide declarations or information anonymously by:

Minister for Social Housing Pru Goward said it is important that FACS has the correct information to ensure a fair system for everyone.

“Public housing tenants pay rent based on the total household’s income and assets,” Ms Goward explained.

“If they do not declare their income, assets or additional people living in their home, then they are not paying the correct rent.”

The government can reinvest additional rent in social housing and deliver better quality services to more people. Results from two previous amnesties generated more than $10 million.

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