Shark-spotting drones to protect beachgoers

Published: 1 Jul 2020

A modern fleet of shark-spotting drones will patrol the NSW coastline to protect beachgoers.


Under a new $8 million strategy for shark management, drones will patrol 34 beaches across NSW. This will be in addition to the 35 SMART drumlines deployed along the north coast.

The new approach to shark management is based on five years of scientific research into shark behaviour and the most effective ways to protect beachgoers.

Drone devices are now capable of flying thousands of kilometres and can automatically detect the size and species of a shark.

Other measures will include:

  • community awareness and education programs
  • 21 shark detection stations along the NSW coast
  • ongoing shark meshing on 51 beaches between Newcastle and Wollongong.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said the number one priority is keeping people safe at the beach.

“While no government can ever fully reduce the risk of shark attacks at our beaches this new program is backed by world-leading research and will provide the best in modern protection methods to our coastal communities,” Mr Marshall said.

Find out more about the NSW Government’s Shark Management Strategy

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