Supporting women in sport

Published: 14 Nov 2017

The NSW Government is developing a strategy to help shape the future of women’s sport at all levels.

The Women in Sport Strategy will address issues including increasing participation, developing sporting partnerships and leadership opportunities for women.

It will also look at improving sporting facilities, such as female change rooms and night-time lighting at sports grounds.

The Office of Sport will work with key sporting codes, brands and sponsors to deliver the strategy and recommendations by mid-2018.

Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres said the increasing popularity of women’s elite sport is unprecedented and female athletes deserved recognition and support.

“A lot more needs to be done to tackle issues such as sponsorship deals that reflect the talent of the athletes,” Mr Ayres said.

“Unleashing the potential of female athletes has enormous value, particularly when you consider the positive impact of having strong female sporting leaders to act as role-models for younger athletes.”

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