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It is important the NSW Government brand is used prominently and consistently across government communications.

NSW Government brand guidelines

The NSW Government brand communicates the work we do and creates transparency for how taxpayer funds are being spent.

The brand guidelines explain how to correctly apply the NSW Government brand in communications.

Key elements include:

  • the Waratah logo to be shown prominently on all advertising, project signage and external facing government communications
  • the Waratah logo is the only brand identity to be used in most circumstances
  • the colour version of the Waratah logo is to be used unless the mono version is required for accessibility reasons.

The development of new branding, logos or visual treatments is not recommended unless audience needs can be clearly identified and supported with rationale and evidence.

As a new NSW Government Brand Framework is underway, updates to existing or the creation of new branding, logos or visual devices should not commence without prior consultation with the cluster brand team and NSW Government brand team.  

How to acknowledge funding

All recipients of NSW Government funding for infrastructure and capital works must acknowledge that it came from NSW Government.

If your agency is administering funding schemes such as these you must ensure the recipients of funds adhere do this.

The funding acknowledgment guidelines (PDF, 313.51 KB) will help you determine what kind of acknowledgement is appropriate for each project. It will outline where signs should be displayed and for how long, and how to obtain NSW Government approval for acknowledgements.

Digital design system

The NSW Government’s Digital Design System contains a digital design style guide that includes advice on colours, layout, typography and the Waratah logo placement.


Need advice?

The NSW Government branding team can can help. Contact us.

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