Resources and infrastructure

Through NSW Government agencies, the research sector can access datasets, resources and facilities.

NSW Government agencies hold a wide range of datasets which are used for policy and planning purposes. Several agencies also curate libraries of publications and reports relevant to research and development.

Through the Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer, the NSW Government also supports national critical research infrastructure facilities.

Research experts

Accessing data experts

CSIRO’s Data61 is Australia’s largest data innovation organisation and has a track record in providing effective solutions to complex government problems. Thanks to a 3 year agreement, NSW Government agencies can easily engage Data61 to help solve challenges, find efficiencies and innovate. 


Common Planning Assumptions

The Common Planning Assumptions are agreed information assets (data sets, models and analytical tools) for use by the NSW Government and others, to prepare proposals, business plans and strategies that rely on projections.

Various NSW Government agencies are custodians of information assets and responsible for their development and maintenance. The data sets include population growth, economic growth, housing supply, metropolitan transport demand and freight demand. There are also guidelines for employment projections, and future temperature and climate events.

The Common Planning Assumptions are used in the development of new policies, strategies or business cases.

Human Services Data Set

De-identified data collected by individual government agencies. The Human Services Data Set is unprecedented in scale in NSW, bringing together 27 years of data, over seven million records, from over 60 frontline data sets in 11 government agencies.

Data NSW

A program of work aimed at increasing the safe use of data across the NSW Government. It will support better customer service, policy development, responsiveness and innovation. Data.NSW contributes to Research Data Australia.

NSW Education Datahub

The NSW Education Datahub coordinates annual education data collections, as well as the Tell Them From Me surveys.

Research Data Australia

Research Data Australia is the data discovery service of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is a transformational initiative that enables the Australian research community and industry access to nationally significant, leading edge data intensive eInfrastructure, platforms, skills and collections of high-quality data. It is part of the National Critical Research Infrastructure Strategy.

Open Data Portal

The Open Data Portal provides openly accessible Australian Government data.

SEED Data Portal

The SEED Data Portal brings together state-wide environment data about land, water, plants, animals and air.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research Open Data

NSW BOCSAR has compiled an Open Data collection of crime, court, and custody datasets.

Reports and publications

Rapid Research Information Forum (RRIF)

The RRIF is a forum for rapid information sharing and collaboration within the Australian research and innovation sector, convened by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO FTSE FAA FAHMS. It provides a mechanism to rapidly bring together relevant multidisciplinary expertise to address pressing questions about Australia’s response to COVID-19 as they emerge. Current and upcoming peer-reviewed reports are publicly available.

Their Futures Matter publications

Publications and resources from this whole of government reform deliver improved outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

FACS Insights Analysis and Research

Publications and research conducted by the Department of Communities and Justice service streams include child protection, homelessness and housing.

Department of Communities and Justice Research and Statistics

The NSW Department of Justice's work includes researching issues that relate to law and justice, and collecting, reporting and analysing statistical information.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) research outputs and library resources

The TfNSW Research Database contains the outputs of research undertaken in response to the problem statements that have been developed or received by TfNSW.

Behavioural Insights Unit publications

The Behavioural Insights Unit (BIU) works across the NSW Government helping to improve the effectiveness of public services and policy by applying what we know about the way people think and act.

Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE)

The CESE is the central point of education evidence within the NSW Department of Education. It is also Australia's first dedicated hub of education data and evaluation.

Environment, Energy and Science Publications

Publications and research conducted by the Energy, Environment and Science group at the Department of Planning and Environment include coasts and waterways, plants, animals, soils, air, climate, heritage and tourism.

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research Publications and Evaluations

BOCSAR publishes research and statistical reports, many of which are peer-reviewed by external academics and subject matter experts

Research infrastructure

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)

The NCRIS is a national network of world-class research infrastructure projects that support high-quality research that will drive greater innovation in the Australian research sector and the economy more broadly. Find out more information on the NCRIS strategy.

The NSW Government supports NCRIS facilities in NSW through the Office of Chief Scientist and Engineer's Research Attraction and Acceleration Program (RAAP).


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