Ministers' correspondence policy

Before sending correspondence to the Minister, please ensure you are familiar with the following policy.

  • We aim to respond within 20 working days of receipt. Sometimes, matters are complex and require detailed investigation, which in turn may cause a delay.
  • Where your correspondence results in action being taken by the relevant Department to resolve your issue, it will contact you but no formal written response will be issued.
  • A common sense approach is applied when actioning correspondence. All comments are noted but may not result in a response.
  • There may be occasions where the issue you raise is outside the Minister’s portfolio responsibilities and your correspondence will be forwarded to the relevant Minister for attention. 
  • We will only respond to items where the Minister is the primary recipient and not where the Minister is marked as carbon copy.
  • Petitions must be lodged by Members of the Legislative Assembly. Petitioners should contact their local MP and ask them to lodge their petition. More information is available on the NSW Parliament website.
  • We will delete unsolicited advertisements without response.
  • We will forward any correspondence containing threatening content or advocating illegal activities to the NSW Police Force.
  • We will not respond to correspondence containing offensive language or content. 
  • Your correspondence, once received, will become a formal departmental record. We will treat this with the appropriate level of confidentiality consistent with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Health Records and Information Privacy Act. 
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